Volunteer with us

Teaching Program 


Chrystal Children’s Center provides international volunteers with the opportunity to join our classrooms and make a meaningful impact by teaching not only our little students, but also mentoring the local teachers. As a volunteer teacher, you will have the opportunity to create a monthly school schedule and train the teachers by passing on valuable knowledge regarding topics such as: teaching methods, individual approach, test preparation, etc.



Our dedicated team has created a loving home for abandoned newborns and neglected toddlers. As part of our childcare program, you can become a “Mother” to one of our youngest family members. Join our effort by providing much needed help and support with daily routines, such as: bathing, feeding, changing, early stimulation, and play.


Community Support Program 


The biggest reason for child abandonment in Uganda is unwanted or unexpected pregnancies by women who are either teens or unemployed in the country.

Chrystal’s Children’s Center would like to start a community support program, through which the center will provide parents and relatives of formally abandoned children a sustainability program of rabbit rearing. Each household will receive training and at least four rabbits to rear.  The program will provide meat for the family and also a source of income, as they will be able to sell the rabbits, meat, skins, droppings, and urine as a fertilizer. Once funding is obtained, the farm at Chrystal’s will extend into the community to help as many people as possible.  




Construction Project  

In order to eliminate the cost of rent and to increase long-term project security, a team of devoted and enthusiastic returning and new volunteers has initiated the construction of a new home for Chrystal’s children! If you have a background in construction, cost estimation, cost cutting, proposal drawing, or fundraising; OR you just want to get your hands dirty through honest manual labor, what better way than building a new home for underprivileged children.

Sustainability Project  

We truly cherish when our volunteers share with us their knowledge, experience, and ideas from around the world to improve our work and contribute to establishing sustainable solutions to our challenges. Join a brainstorming and executive team that creates long-term, viable projects to ensure our children not only survive, but thrive!

Social Media and Marketing  

If your strength lies in the world of marketing and business, and your passion is helping the less fortunate, we need you! Can you write social media content? Can you take professional pictures? Are you a good storyteller? Do you have expertise in merchandising? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then we truly need you. Help tell our story and win over more supporters to fight the good fight, side by side, with us.



As you have probably guessed, operating a center for 30+ vulnerable children is a mighty expensive endeavor! One of the most important tasks our volunteers undertake is securing financial support; not only for children at the center, but also for sustainability projects that ensure long-term security, protection, nutrition, education, and medical care. If you are experienced in fundraising or your heart is set on procuring funds and sponsors, we would love to hear your ideas and team up to create lasting impact and stability for our home. 



“Volunteering with Chrystal Children’s Center has open my eyes to all the endless possibilities there are to add value to someone’s life. If you want to truly make a difference, ask yourself how you can be of service to this community and do everything in your power to make a change. Volunteering was a life changing experience that gave me the opportunity to learn about the community, culture, and contribute to make a positive change.”

Estefany Gomez

“Nothing could have prepared me for how incredible my experience at Chrystal’s was. It’s been about two years since, and I still think about the children constantly. I went with the intention to serve the kids, but what I didn’t realize was how much they would teach me. While many come to the center in dire condition, they still smile and love more than anyone I’ve ever met. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to help out at Chrystal’s and my life has not been the same since.”

Andy Antle

“Working at Chrystal’s showed me how easy it is to make people happy and improve their quality of life. I loved the amazingly positive spirit at the center that made me always leave with a smile looking forward to the next day with the children.”

Elena Stark, Germany, 19

“The period of volunteering at “Chrystal Children’s Center” helped me become the person I always wanted to be. I learned what compassion is and how it feels to care for another person and want his happiness even more than I wish for myself. It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to help children, even if it is the smallest gesture. A little smile from them was everything for me.” Lihi Rozner, 30 from Israel

“Chrystal’s Children Center is such a beautiful and honest Children’s Center, filled with love and tenderness.”
Riley Partida, California, 20
Riley Partida

Volunteering in Uganda was a lifetime experience that I have learned and grown so much from. I went there thinking I was going to help and make a impact, in which I did. However, the people, especially the kids teach you so many life lessons about yourself that you will never find anywhere else in the world. Going there was scary at first because every thing you hear from people that have never been there. Yet when you leave there you feel like your leaving your family.
Taylor Dacquisto, Las Vegas, USA, 24
Taylor Dacquisto

Waiting for text Hailey Michelle

“Working with kids was a stupendous journey. All the smiles I have seen, all the cries I have heard all the games we have played and all the hours we’ve shared – they made me a different person. Chrystal is a place where man can give a lot not even having that much and can receive much more in return. A part of my heart is forever in there!!!” Kasia Szumanska, Poland, 24

“After spending two months volunteering at Crystal’s, my life has been changed for the better. If it wasn’t for the orphanage, these beautiful souls would be without the love and stability children need. The moment you walk into the home, you feel Christ’s love all around you. The children there took my heart and never gave it back. Their love for life and love for each other amazes me. I have a new look on life thanks to the courage of the children at Chrystal!”

Kinzie Dawn Owen, 22, Utah

“Volunteering with Chrystal was one of the most joyous and rewarding experiences of my life. I have fabulous memories of my time there and still miss all the children, staff and fellow volunteers I met there. An ideal place to volunteer where you can make a real difference.” Richard Early, 31, Ireland

One of the greatest, most important and life-changing decisions I have ever taken was to embark on the journey that led me to Chrystal Children’s Center. I have had the incredible possibility and privilege to help provide a better life and future for abandon children – teaching in the classroom, bathing and feeding them, taking care of newborns, finding funds and thinking of ways to provide them a better and brighter future! I keep coming back every year and I hope God will let me do so for many years to come, so that I can truly build a better life for them together with David and the wonderful and loving staff on sight!

Michelle Stoykova,
Bulgaria, 30