Information on How you can Help

Chrystal Children’s Center receives no regular financial support from any organization. The lives of the children at Chrystal rely entirely on friends. There are many ways in which you can help the precious and valuable lives of the children here at Chrystal Children’s Center.

Become a ‘Friend of Chrystal’ which involves being a regular supporter and donor to the needs of the Center. 

Make a donation towards the running costs of the Center. 

Volunteering your time and skills, 

Sponsor a specific project or need at the Center.

We are grateful to say thats the Center has a plan out thats pending support for constructing permanent structures on its land as its currently in rented premises.
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Some of our Needs:

Babies, especially new born babies' are very expensive indeed. We have done our sums and worked out what we use in just one year.

1. Wet wipes                                                                                    11. Baby Soya 

2. Pots of Vaseline                                                                           12. Toilet Paper rolls.

3. Bars of baby soap                                                                        13. Food 
4. Kids Clothes                                                                                 14. Cooking fuel 

5. Bed sheets                                                                                    15. Fuel M/V'S 
6. Gloves                                                                                           16. Medical Care 

7. Mosquito nets                                                                                17. Water Bills 

8. Tins of formula and cow  milk                                                        18. Electricity Bills 

9. Reading Materials                                                                         19. Washing powder and cleaning detergents
10. Disposable Dippers                                                                  

The List of their needs are endless hence if you can, Please feel free to help with whatever you can, 

These children have different reasons that prompt them to be at Chrystal and this is how Chrystal came in to give them what is called a home, perhaps have open arms for them to be loved. Please feel free to carry whatever you can for the kids.

Bellow is our Shipping address incase you might feel like sending these children anything:

     Chrystal Children’s Center
     Seguku, Naziba Zone ll
     After Regino Oil
     P.O.Box: 31103, Clock Tour,
     Kampala Uganda. 
    Tel +256702022999, 

In Case of a financial assistance, 

Please Pay: 

Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited


Pay Through: USD Account number 04096521
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas New York,
ABA: 021001033

Beneficiary Stanbic Branch: Stanbic Bank, William Street Branch, Kampala

Beneficiary Account Number: 9030013866766


Beneficiary Address:
P. O. Box 31103

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