Sponsor a Child

Child sponsorship is a unique relationship that brings real hope and a life-affirming experience. Sponsorship gives children and their communities’ life-changing basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare and education. And it lasts. Sponsor a child and save a childhood today.

Cost of Sponsoring a Child. 

Because of the unique natureof the category of the children we take care of, it costs $100 per month per child. However, we understand that everyone's pocket may not be as big as their heart. Therefore, we only ask a minimum commitment of $45 per month. 

Partial Sponsorship- $45 USD/month 

Covering, ($1 goes for feeding a day ($30 a month) and $15 alocated to Medication)

Full Sponsorship- $100 USD/month 

Covering (Monthly Feeding $30, Medication $15, Education $30, Toiletories $10, Clothing $15)

Download the Child Sponsorship form here


Q: How much does sponsorship cost and how do I pay?
A: Sponsorship is $45.00 for Partial Sponsorship or $100 for full Sponsorship a month. You can pay by credit card, debit card, or bank draft.

Q: How often can I write letters and send gifts to my child?
A: We encourage you to write and send gifts to your child as often as you like.

Q: Can I sponsor my child’s family?
A: If your sponsor child has siblings that are not sponsored and are eligible for our program you can sponsor them. 

Q: Is my child an orphan?
A: Your child may or may not be an orphan as it is not a prerequisite to being in our Care. Many of our children are abandoned and as such they have no place to call home other than Chrystal Children's Center.

Q: Can I meet my child?
A: Yes, we encourage you to meet your child. You can do this by signing up for a mission trip and going over with a team. Arrangements will be made for you to meet them upon arrival.

Q: When does my sponsorship end?
A: Typically, sponsorship doesnt end unless a child is eitheir fostered or adopted. Many sponsors want to sponsor beyond Early Child hood Development to University and its very possible to make it.

What you receive

• You will create a unique connection and be their only sponsor.

• You can choose whether to sponsor a girl or boy.

• You will see their life changing through the letters and photos you’ll receive.
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