Success Stories

Daniel Muwanguzi

We received Daniel a few hours having been born and dumped in a Pit Latrine by the mother.

We were however blessed to take care of him. Social inquires were conducted to tress his family until by the grace of God we were able to identify his family members and later after one year, he has resettled with his maternal Grand Mother.

We are happy for his life and will keep following the progress of his life. 


Tusubila David

David was admitted to Chrystal Children’s center on May 18, 2017 after being rescued from the depth of a pit latrine in Bweya, Kajjansi. David has been staying at the center and grows into a lovely, healthy, handsome boy with each day passing. 

We also managed to integrate him into his family where he is living in a loving environment.

Muwanguzi Mathew

Mathew was admitted to Chrystal Children’s Center on May 12, 2017, when he was abandoned in Entebbe Grade B Hospital by his mother. Mathew was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and had difficulty functioning independently. He lived at the center for some time until Chrystal’s found a suitable place for him. Mathew was referred to a home for disabled children, since this facility offered better services to meet his developmental needs.


Hannah was saved from streets where the mother abandoned her and later Nateete police station handed her over to the Center that took care of her for about two years.

Later her family was identified and she was re integrated with her family to the glory of God.

She now lives with her grand mother.

Mukiisa Blessing Kisakye – Baby admitted

Kisakye was admitted to Chrystal Children’s Center on January 31, 2017 at one day old. She was rescued from a pit latrine and taken to Doctor’s Hospital Seguku for a general check up.  The medical examination revealed that she was healthy and also HIV negative. The social welfare team at Chrystal’s is working dilligently to locate her relatives. If these attempts fail,  a local family will be identified through the panel to integrate her into a home setting.


David was a victim of torture, and rescued by the police in Nateete. He was referred to Chrystal’s as a child in need of adequate care and protection. David was staying with a half brother who was married, but the wife didn’t like the boy. The social welfare team at Chrystal’s searched for his other relatives and eventually located his grandmother who was willing to take care of him. David has been successfully resettled with his grandmother.

Namubiru Gift

We received Gift very sick from Entebbe Police station after her mother had gone missing for a year and the people she left her with were miss treating her and in fear of arrest they dropped her off to the police station. 

However after a year, we were able to find her mother and the Center went on to help her find a sponsor and she was happy resettled and sponsored in Education.