What we do


Our team works 24 hours to rescue and provide quality care, accommodation, food, medical care, and education to abandoned, neglected, and vulnerable children between the ages of 0-7 years. 

    • Infant Care – 24-hour motherly and medical care for rescued newborn babies and infants.
    • HIV/AIDS Medical Support – regularly scheduled hospital visits, procurement of required medication and treatment, extensive special care for HIV/AIDS positive abandoned infants.
    • Daily Care – free access to education, meals, medical care, and scholastic materials for underprivileged children between the ages of 3 to 7 years. 
    • Child Reintegration – extensive background investigations, locating parents or extended family members, and resettling abandoned children, after providing family support, rehabilitation, and ensuring a safe home and stable future for the child.
    • Teenage Mother Support – provide help, support, and rehabilitation for infants and their mothers, who may be victims of sexual abuse, forceful early marriage, and father’s neglect, absence, or complete abandonment.
    • Abandonment Prevention – offer emotional, material and educational support, counseling and problem resolution to prevent abandonment.
    • Special Need Support – work with children with disabilities (chronic illnesses, CP, autism, speech disorders, deafness, blindness) and help them reach their full potential or find a more appropriate facility to meet their needs.