Who we are

Chrystal Children’s Center has been saving lives since April 2016 . In the past three years our dedicated team has rescued 170 abandoned, neglected, abused, HIV/AIDS positive newborns, toddlers and children coming from extreme poverty or perilous environment. 130 of them have successfully been re-integrated in a safe environment, resettled back with their family or have received an educational sponsorship.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that no child suffers or perishes from neglect, abuse or deprivation, but is brought up in a nurturing home and given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

We strive to create a loving temporary home and a supporting environment for the safety and development of each and every vulnerable child joining our family, until we can resettle them back with their parents or reintegrate them in a safe community.

Our Focus

We provide emergency rescue, protective and medical care, basic necessities and a chance for education. The center takes care of children between the age of 0-7 suffering from abandonment, neglect, abuse, HIV/AIDS as well as children with special needs and orphans.

Chrystal Children’s Center is committed to ensuring each child has:
1. The right to live.
2. The right to grow.
3. The right to participate in the personal development through education and play.
4. The right to participate in planning for their future.